Dog not eating and has vomited. What can you do? – VOSD Expert Vet Advice™

VOSD Vet Advice| Dog not eating and vomited
  • If the dog is not eating it can be a symptom of one of many things and can be simply that the dog overate or is not hungry or has mild indigestion or can be that it has a fever etc. The only way you will know is if you notice the food pattern of the dog every day – it is a good way to keep a check on your dogs health — along with their pattern of water intake, pooing and peeing. 
  • Puking generally is not a good sign other than if a dog has routinely ingested grass and puked. Many dogs will do that as a matter of routine, some dogs will do it once in a while. But generally, if the dog is vomited or attempting to vomit repeatedly it can be a cause of concern. Please immediately check with a vet. 
  • The cause of vomiting needs to be addressed e.g. antacids in case of indigestion or antibiotics in case of infection but if the vomiting does not stop your vet will give an injection of Perinorm (1ml/20kg) and/or Emset (1ml/20kg).

The information contained in VOSD Expert Vet Advice™ is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical action which is provided by your vet. You assume full responsibility for how you choose to use this information. For any emergency situation related to a dog’s health, please visit the nearest veterinary clinic.