Dog reports himself missing


What does one expect when they hear a knock at the door? A guest or a delivery person, maybe? And what if the knock is on the doors of the local police department? Trouble. It is what happened recently at the Odessa Police Department, in the wee morning hours. An unexpected visitor strolled up and down the doors of the police department in Texas. An improbable encounter for some of the policemen there. 

Surprise for the officers

The visitor was a dog that seemed eager to let the officers know about a progressing incident. Initially, it was confusing for all, but things started getting clear soon. The dog seemed to want to report a missing person. He was anxious. Probably his master was missing. It was not so, though. He seemed to be trying to register a complaint about himself. He had lost his way back home. Among all the officers at the station, Sergeant Rusty Martin received the pup with warmth and love.


The officers noticed that the pup was not distressed by the “lost dog” tag. He was friendly; he just wanted to have some good time and was probably having one with the otherwise serious officers. Everyone was excited and enjoyed the company of an unexpected guest. Martin confirmed that the officers played the regular and throw and caught game with the tennis ball in the office. Despite having a companion for a while, the officers did not forget their stressful schedules and cases. Some fun chats and playtime replaced the otherwise serious atmosphere, but work and duty were still the highest priority that could not be ignored. 

The dog was wearing a collar, but the ID seemed to have fallen. The animal control members were called to check for the chip so that their new friend could be sent back to his owner. But before they could arrive, a very unusual thing happened.

Happy ending

The second unusual event of the day was the dog took himself to the master who lived a mile away. When he was ready, he ran out quickly. In a short period, he had made a special place in the hearts of the officers. Everyone was in love with him. They decided to post the incident on Facebook in the hopes of hearing from his master and be assured of the dog’s well-being. 

The dog’s master replied to their post that the dog had reached back home safely, bringing them smiles of relief. All the officers were curious to know his name. Hence he could not control their eagerness and asked the owner. He replied with a big smile that they lovingly call him Chico.