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for rescued & abandoned dogs at VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital, Bangalore


Make Hundreds of Dogs – Happy!


The way to a man’s best friend’s heart, is often through food. At VOSD Sanctuary and Hospital, Bangalore – you can spread happiness amongst hundreds of rescued and abandoned dogs who live here for life, by sponsoring a meal (or two) for them.

Whether you choose to perform this act of kindness in celebration of your dog’s birthday or adoption day; or to share the happiness of a special milestone in your life; or even in remembrance of a furry friend who has left your family – by doing so, you will spread happiness in the form of hundreds of wagging tails! 

“The power of giving,
is greater than the joy of receiving.”

~ Norbert Harms

Meals at VOSD

Here’s a little insight into what meals at VOSD are usually like.


What Do Our Dogs Eat?

Our dogs are fed human-grade food – if it’s not safe for humans, it’s definitely not safe for our dogs. We prepare 2 tons in wet weight of fresh food balanced for energy & protein and fortified with fat, minerals & vitamins. Special meals are seperately prepared and hand fed to dogs that are too old to eat or have no teeth etc.


Symphony Orchestra

Did you know? Our dogs have in-built alarm clocks in their tummies ~ and they ring just before every meal time! Watch this video to see how our dogs make sure we are never late for their meals! 🙂

How to Sponsor Meals at VOSD

Experience the joy of giving by sponsoring a meal for hundreds of rescued dogs at VOSD Sanctuary and Hospital.

Step 01: Choose whether you’d like to sponsor 1 meal or 2 meals (for 1 full day) and complete the transaction below. 

Step 02: Email us at with the following details:

  • A confirmation of your transaction with your Order ID.
  • A few details about why and when you would like to sponsor a meal at VOSD – is this a special occasion; a remembrance or a gift for someone? 
  • We would love to acknowledge your support to us on social media! For this, please share a photo of and a personal message for the ‘special someone’ this meal is in honour for. Please help us with these details, as such endeavours encourage others to support our efforts as well and go a long way in helping hundreds of our rescued dogs.  

Sponsor 1 Meal

Remember someone you love, by sponsoring 1 of 2 meals for hundreds of dogs at VOSD. One meal at VOSD can be sponsored for Rs 9,999.

Sponsor 1 Meal


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Donation Total: ₹9,999.00 One Time


Sponsor 1 Day’s Meals

Share a special day by making hundreds of tails wag all day long, by sponsoring 2 meals for 1 day at VOSD. Two meals can be sponsored for Rs 19,999.

Sponsor 2 Meals


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Donation Total: ₹19,999.00 One Time