Experimentation on Beagle Dogs in India – A data analysis by Rakesh Shukla for The Voice of Stray Dogs of CPSCEA (GoI) data from 2007-2011

Trendline of Experiments on Beagle Dogs Per Year Per Company (2007 – 2011)

This is the 1st ever look in India of

  • Companies doing experiments on beagles
  • Type of experimentation on beagles
  • Volume of experimentation and experiments approved

Scope of this White Paper

The scope of this study is restricted to experimentation on beagle dogs in India. It arises out of the authors interest in dogs, and that no publicly available data – or even estimates – are  available on the number of dogs experimented upon. This paper does not cover animal experimentation as a legal, or a moral, argument (which are the subjects or a larger study by The Voice of Stray Dogs) but restricts itself to distribution of experiments over experimentation types conducted by companies over a period of time. The study therefore provides an insight into organizations that conduct these experiments.

Split of type of experiments conducted by companies on beagles (2007-2011)

Key Findings of ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ Study

  • A total of approximately 12,000 experiments on beagles dogs were approved from 2007-2011
  • It can be deduced that at least 4000 dogs were procured for experiments and at least 3,000 dogs either died or were euthanized.
  • Advinus is the leader in experimentation on beagles with 40% share of experiments on dogs, Cadila has 18% share, Sun Pharma 15%, Jair Research 14, Lupin 6% while the total other industry had 6% share
  • Toxicity study is the leading area in experimentation on beagles and forms 65% of all tests, dose assessment forms 11%, Pharmokinetic study forms 9%, Bioequivalnce forms 5% and all others form 10% of the tests on beagles
  • Advinus is the leader in toxicology study as well with 48% of all toxicology experiments conducted by the industry being conducted by Advinus, Cadila does 18% toxicology experiments, Jai Research does 13%, Sun Pharma does 14% & others do 6%
Split of Experimentation Approvals received per Company from CPCSEA (2007 – 2011)

White Paper on Animal Experimentation in India: Part 1; Title ‘Experimentation on Beagle Dogs in India: A data analysis of CPSCEA (GoI) data from 2007-2011; Authored by: Rakesh Shukla for ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ can be downloaded here

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