Identification & Treatment of Flea Allergy – VOSD Expert Vet Advice™

Difference between flea allergies and mange

Most skin conditions are mistakenly called ‘mange’ when they are actually skin allergies. Mange is not easily transmittable. The mange mites are there in ALL dogs. It’s only in a rare circumstance that the immunity of the dog is compromised that there is a flare up and hair loss occurs.

The scratching is because of an allergy – most probably due to fleas. If you see the pattern of hair loss – on the tail around his eyes – it is because these are regions he can reach with his mouth and paws respectively.

What you need to do is this:

  1. Give him 1 tablet of Zertec or Okacet for 3 days morning evening. This will immediately reduce his itching. (human med)
  2. Cut his hair – use any good quality scissors to do that.
  3. Give him a bath with a tick & flea shampoo. This should cost you approx Rs 120-140. You can repeat the bath in 5 days. (pet shop)
  4. Once he is dry – spray/ apply  tick and flea spray (contains Fipronil) – this is available in the market for Rs ~400 for the smaller bottle. (pet shop)
  5. After 5 days repeat  3 & 4
  6. His skin is broken and there is pus formation. Wash with clean water and soap. Then please apply Metrogyl cream (human med) on the parts where there is laceration.
  7. He should be complete healed in 1 week and will have normal hair growth in a month.
  8. The dark pigmentation on his skin is a secondary fungal infection. Wait for his itching to subside and wounds to heal then we can suggest medication for the fugal infection.

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