Germany’s New Dog Law

Germany's New Dog Law

In Germany, the agricultural minister has introduced a new law to ensure that people walk their dogs twice a day.

Earlier this week, we wrote about Bhutan’s efforts to ensure no stray in the kingdom goes hungry. Today, we look at what Germany is doing to help dogs.

According to The Guardian, Germany will be enforcing a new law next year based on research conducted on pet owning families in the nation. About 19% of the population of Germany are pet owning families. And Germany is now trying to ensure that these dogs are well taken care of.

What is the new law?

The new law is for families to take pets for walks at least twice a day. Researchers found that many families do not give their dogs adequate exercise. As a result, an amendment is being made to the Hundeverordnung, or Dog’s Act.

The agricultural minister of Germany, Julia Klockner, said that there was evidence that the 9.4 million dogs in the country are not getting enough exercise. She emphasized that dogs are not just there for petting and cuddling. They have needs too, and we couldn’t agree more!

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How does Germany plan to oversee the enforcement of this law?

Well, citizens are sceptical because there’s nothing concrete. Many people feel that the new rules are a bit inconvenient, as there are different needs for different dogs. They also wonder how people will make sure to follow this. Will become commonplace to be policed by neighbours? Will people begin to complain to authorities if they notice “negligence”?

Only time will tell if this new law is enforced properly. But it is a positive step in prioritising that animals are given better treatment in the country. It is a step in the right direction, and will hopefully set a precedent for the rest of the world.

Source: The Guardian

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