Gracie was a sweet black dog born on the streets; however she grew extremely malnourished due to lack of food sources in her area. A kind lady noticed her hapless state and took her home immediately. Gracie had finally found a home but over the next few years the family underwent a host of difficult life events including job loss and ill-health. Moreover, Gracie’s condition was also on the decline, she had gone blind in one eye, suffered from a recurring skin infection and had put on a lot of weight. The family was finding it exceedingly difficult to handle Gracie’s care, which she desperately needed given her diminishing health.

The owners decided that the best course of action would be to find a new home for Gracie, where she would get professional medical care. They sent a surrender request letter to the VOSD helpdesk, after Gracie was admitted to VOSD Sanctuary and Hospital under the ‘Pet surrender’ category.

Gracie was in very bad shape when she came to VOSD. Our team groomed her, clipped her extremely long toenails and has been applying VOSD’s organic 6-in-1 Dog Body Lotion ( to remedy her severe skin infection. Gracie has been put on a weight-loss diet and we also take her for walks everyday to bring her obesity under control. To help maintain her joint health, she is given VOSD’s Joint Care supplement ( regularly.

In the early days, Gracie looked extremely sad to be in a new environment. Quite evidently, she missed her family. But by and by she has come to accept her new VOSD family, so much so that now she follows us around wherever we go. The sweet dog will be with us till the end of her days, and we are happy to provide her with all the love and care she deserves.

Hundreds of neglected pet dogs like Gracie come to VOSD when their owners are no longer able to manage their upkeep. Help us provide a loving home to more pet dogs who otherwise suffer greatly without the medical help they urgently need.

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VOSD is India’s largest non-profit organization for dogs. Over 20,000 dogs have been rescued by us over a decade and we admit 300-400 dogs to VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital annually. VOSD provides the most sophisticated and expensive medical care and rehabilitation services at no cost to stray dogs and abandoned pet dogs.

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