Best Dog Food – How to Choose the Best Food for your Dog?

As people become increasingly aware of the importance of a good diet for their pets, the demand in stores has also gone up. The customer is now more discerning, always thinking about which is best dog food or what is best dog food with grain. Royal Canin dog food, Pedigree dog food, and Orijen dog food are some of the most well-known dog food brands.  

At the same time, new dog parents are usually unfamiliar with the different options available for their dog. It’s not so simple as just buying dog food from the grocery store, because all dogs have specific needs. These needs also change with age. The best puppy food out there won’t be the same as the best adult dog food – a no-brainer!

We understand your concern for your dog, which is why we’ve compiled a list of ways to cater to your dog’s happiness and health. Read on to find out how you can give your dog great food, all year ‘round.

Learn to read the packaging

Are you the kind of customer who reads the labels of all food products? If not, then it’s time to become one! Show you care about your dog’s needs by paying close attention to the stuff that big dog food companies sell. Dog food is often full of preservatives and other ingredients that will increase the shelf life of the food. Why would that be healthy for your dog? Look for terms like “meat flavour” versus “non vegetarian”. In this example, the label “meat flavour” indicates that the food doesn’t actually have the meat – or if it does, it’s only there in minuscule quantities. Would you want to feed something flavourful but without nutrients to your dog? Similarly, looking for the best dry dog food isn’t simply deducible by reading the labels. Do your research before you shop!

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Work with your dog’s veterinarian for a solid diet plan

It’s always helpful to talk to your vet. Get a vet advice for dogs and buy dog food that you know will be compatible with your dog’s body and health. Your dog’s vet might recommend a mix of store-bought food and homemade food, along with supplements and vitamins. Try and follow this routine for your dog instead of buying just any generic store bought food.

Make decisions based on our dog’s age

Again, read the labels carefully. Don’t buy food that’s for young and growing puppies. Inversely, don’t get baby food for full grown dogs. Another thing to remember is to not give small bones to big dogs – they could choke on it. Try and make food as digestible as possible. When your dog is in its senior years, make sure that the food is easy to ingest.

What VOSD recommends

VOSD recommends a mix of dry food and homemade, natural, and well-cooked food. But there are so many things you can do to make your dog’s life and diet as healthy as can be.

Keep things natural

Why go for old, plasticky food when you can get fresh food? Read up about the long-term effects of dog food. Maybe a raw diet for dogs is the answer, but again, always consult with your dog’s veterinarian. Does your dog need grain free food? A gluten-free diet? All of these are important questions to ask the doc.

Don’t trust labels

Here’s a little secret: the dog brands that sell you food have teams of marketing people who come up with ways to make the food seem fantastically healthy for your dog. There are designers who make packaging that subconsciously draw you to it if you’re looking for “organic” stuff. Marketing teams have to understand customers’ needs and then they often lie. Remember this the next time you go shopping for dog food! The more straightforward, the better.

That being said, try VOSD’s dog food

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