VOSD Dog Care™ Best Practice: When to use Ivermectin?

Ivermectin is wrongly used 99% of the time including by vets. It is reno-toxic too. It’s oral/injectible use is only in the case of mange, however, both sarcoptic and demodectic mange are far less common than other skin diseases.

When to use Ivermectin?

Know more about Ivermectin use and managing the skin issues of your dog on http://www.vosd.in/expert-advice/ if you still have a query unresolved simply ask us a question by writing to us at info@strays.in

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Know more about skin diseases in dogs on http://www.vosd.in/expert-advice/ If you need any further information about a vet recommendation or use of our products fill out the form below

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VOSD  has delivered over 225,000 treatments ranging from critical trauma care, treatment and post op for cancers, skin ailments, long-term maintenance of renal & liver failure. We dont’ just treat the dogs, we keep the dogs that need lifetime support and treat them every day.  Treatments are given by state of the art infrastructure in Bangalore and our facilities at the VOSD Dog Sanctuary by the best vets.

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