Know your dogs’ rights: Lawful and scientific manner of dealing with street dogs in residential areas

If you feed stray dogs or otherwise tend to them it is likely that you face resistance from some in the residential locality to stop this activity. The 1st thing you should know is that you are within your rights as a citizen to feed these and tend of these dogs. There are multiple court judgments available on this website itself that point to that.

To put forth your view and/or to defend yourself when under pressure to stop this lawful activity you can use this letter, just by printing it and filling in the necessary details with the person(s)/ association(s) asking you to stop tending to your dogs. Should you get a written/ legal response please reach out for help (to us, if required). Remember if you do not wish to abandon your dogs, you can’t be made to.

Tags : Resident Welfare Association (RWA)Street Dogs