Max: Hero on his First Shift

Max, the new police dog, proved he was made for the job on his first day!

Imagine it’s your first day of work, and your first project is so successful that you become a pro immediately. That is what happened with the newly licensed Max, a police dog who impressed his bosses in no time.

Max-imum results

A woman and her toddler went missing from their home and were not seen for two days. The Dyfed-Powys police force were assigned the task of finding the missing duo and there was not much time left to do it. Fortunately, they had Max to save the day.

Success on day one

The police force licensed Max just a few days prior to this case. He started work on Saturday and on his first shift, he found the woman and her child. The real issue was that the area in which Max and the police team were searching was very large.

Barely any leads to go by

The only clue that the police found in the area was the woman’s car on a mountain road. The police praised Max’s professionalism when he started an “open-area” search. The Brecon Mountain Rescue team, and a helicopter, were involved in the search as well. Max’s partner, PC Pete Lloyd was also new to the job- and together they traversed the landscape.

Max saves the day

It took an hour and a half before Max successfully sniffed out the woman and her toddler. He proved that his skills were unmatched. Max has a bright future ahead of him, and will probably go on to save many lives!

Source: BBC News

Image source: CBS News

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