VOSD Hospice: “End of Life” care for old street dogs


Consider All Your Options

Before making up your mind and taking the decision to give up a dog, please consider all of the options available to you, other than surrendering to VOSD.

When you surrender a dog the transition is a traumatic experience for the dog. Living in a new environment is very very stressful for even the most well-adjusted dog.

Surrendering a dog MUST be your last option. VOSD provides this facility, only so that you do NOT abandon the dog. We are interested in the welfare and well-being of the dog.

VOSD Hospice: “End of Life” care for street dogs


Street dogs need to scavenge or fight for food and it requires them to be able-bodied at the best of times. Old infirm dogs, especially those with illnesses find it difficult to find even water and food let alone keep a territory. For the first time in India, there is a place for dogs like that – the VOSD Hospice. And the best part is it costs nothing more than your kindness and compassion.

A dog in our care at the VOSD Hospice will have the best protection from the elements, a warm bed, nutritious food, and clean water, palliative veterinary care. VOSD has a strict policy against euthanasia so as much as possible the dog will pass on as natural biological death. When a dog passes on they are cremated or buried at the VOSD Sanctuary with honor.


Surrender Fee

There is no surrender fee if you choose to bring a senior dog to VOSD. We just want to make sure that s/he is not being abandoned just because s/he is at an advanced stage of life. 


Surrender a dog to VOSD

If you have exhausted all other avenues, you can surrender the dog to the VOSD, SUBJECT TO our calling upon you to do so. For this you have to write to info@vosd.in with all details about the dog and reason why you wish to surrender the dog to VOSD. 

  • If we are persuaded that the circumstance warrants our intervention, and that you’re responsible for the dog and have shared accurate and verifiable information, we will accept any dog, without passing judgment on you.
  • This policy is entirely on VOSD’s discretion and can be discontinued, withdrawn or modified at any time without notice.
  • The decision of accepting or not accepting a dog rests solely with VOSD.

If because of any circumstance you have decided to surrender a dog to VOSD, you cannot simply bring the dog to us. Please follow the process of surrendering the dog to VOSD below.


  1. Once you get approval to surrender a dog to VOSD, you need to send us the vaccination and medical certificates as mentioned on the surrender link that will be shared with you.


    (1) A vet certificate on the dog’s age
    (2) Dog’s present condition
    (3) Diagnosis and prescription of medicines, if any
    (4) A photograph of the dog 
    (5) We will receive the dog from you on verification that the dog is tick and flea free (since the dog will come to boarding/halfway home first) 
    (6) Has had their DLHPPi + Rabies shots.

  2. Then our team will connect you with our boarding partner in Bangalore to drop the dog. You will have to bear the transport cost as we do not provide transportation.
  3. VOSD will pay the boarding fees till we pick up the dog from the boarding center.
  4. After we pick up the dog from the boarding partner center, our team will send you an update when the dog reaches VOSD. That is the only update we share about surrendered dogs and close the surrender ticket.
  5. We do not allow visits for surrendered dogs nor do we provide any individual updates about the surrendered dog. This is our standard surrender policy.
  6. If you do not agree with our surrender policy, kindly do not approach us to surrender the dog.
  7. Please note that we don’t admit unvaccinated dogs at VOSD.

NOTE: If you choose to surrender a dog to the VOSD Sanctuary and Hospital, please remember that this is still as per the terms of the VOSD Standard Operating Procedure on visitation, which means no individual updates are provided for surrendered dogs neither are visits allowed.

Ready to Surrender a Dog?

If you have understood the process and have all the required documents in order, please proceed to surrender your dog to VOSD.