Old Dog Saves Toddler

Old dog save toddler | NewsonVOSD

An old dog loyally followed a three month old baby as she wandered off into the Outback.

Heroes come in many forms. Some don’t wear capes. Some are not even human. Yes, we are talking about dogs. Dogs have shown us time and again that their superpower is undying loyalty. A good dog parent understands this more than anyone else. Max is an excellent example of this. The 17-year old, partially blind and deaf Blue Heeler mix is an old dog who happens to still be a very good boy after remaining a loyal companion to a missing child.

What happened to Aurora?

Aurora is a 3-year-old child from Queensland in Australia. Her family owns property on inhospitable, mountainous terrain. On one beautiful day, the toddler wandered into the infamous bushland, wearing only light pants and a skinny t-shirt. She lost her way while crawling from her house. In an incredible show of loyalty, Max followed her the entire time. Aurora’s family set up a search when they realised she was missing. The entire community joined in, with help from the police. As time passed, it was difficult to locate the toddler. The cold wind and rain made the search process even harder. 

The search lasted more than 15 hours. Aurora’s grandma, Leisa Bennett, was also helping in the search. She eventually heard her granddaughter crying out and managed to follow the noise. Leisa could not locate her until Max walked towards her and took her directly to Aurora. She found her scared, cold, and tired Aurora on a steep incline. With the weather, she was lucky to survive. She was healthy other than the exhaustion and fatigue. 

Max, a very good old dog.

Max is old, blind, and deaf, but the senior dog stayed with the 3-year-old and kept her safe. He was appointed an honorary police dog due to his loyalty and bravery. He cuddled baby Aurora to keep her warm, never leaving her from his sight. His story went viral on Twitter. Max is a true hero, and with this act, he has proved that species and age do not matter in order to be a hero.

Did you know you can surrender an older stray dog to VOSD at no cost?

An old dog needs as much love as a young one.

As dogs age, they are more liable to abandonment. Many people also don’t want to adopt an old dog. It is important to remember that senior dogs come enriched with the wisdom of a full life, and need extra love and affection in the last few years of their lives. You can find out how to support a dog, if not adopt one, here.

Source: https://ab.co/3d3z5xu