For Individual Rescuers And Ngos Working For Stray Dogs

VOSD works with dog rescuers and NGOs throughout India for the betterment of lives of stray dogs. Earlier, on a case by case basis we have engaged and helped different agencies including donating 15 laptops and computers with CUPA Bangalore, Sarvodaya Bangalore and Friendicoes as beneficiaries, made fundraisers that made critical infrastructure possible for Maruthi Shelter in Bangalore and St Bernardo in Gurgaon among many others. We have paid for rescue and medical care of hundreds of dogs in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and 30 other cities and for their eventual transportation to the VOSD Sanctuary.

The VOSD GRANTS are for you as a rescuer or a registered non-profit and gives access to VOSD’s reach and goodwill to help the dogs which are in your immediate areas. You have access to the VOSD GRANTS after a one-time registration with VOSD.


You can apply for VOSD GRANTS if you qualify as:


You can’t apply for VOSD GRANTS if you:


VOSD GRANTS will be given as one or more of the following categories:


VOSD develops and sells world class, over-the-counter drugs and applications for tick and flea management, nutritional supplements, grooming, etc. To help the dogs that are in your permanent care in your shelter/ home etc., VOSD will ship you a predetermined set of VOSD medical supplies, monthly or quarterly.

For each set of 20 dogs per quarter, you will receive up to:

  • 3 x 200ml bottles of VOSD Fipronil tick and flea treatment
  • 3 x 200ml of medicated shampoo
  • 1 nutritional supplement and 1 tick and flea treatment for outdoor use.

Up to a maximum value of ₹10,000 per quarter. The annual value of each grant will be ₹40,000 per grantee per year.


Rescue Grants are cash grants that are towards rescue for a specific dog. This is available to you strictly as reimbursement of payments. The treatment may not be done at commercial rates but at an optimal treatment cost, provided you supply the amount of funds unpaid and pictures/footage/background of the dog(s) that need help.

The cash grant is up to a maximum of ₹10,000 per dog and not exceeding ₹5,00,000 per grantee per year for co-sponsored dogs


In this grant, VOSD will co-sponsor a project you have conceived. VOSD will need to understand the project as a project report, and on mail and phone discussions. VOSD may request you to limit, expand, or modify the project based on our cost, operational, and management experience. Such co-sponsored projects will be crowdfunded by VOSD jointly with you and run on VOSD’s digital platforms and preferred crowdfunding platforms.

These grants could be for veterinary assistance or infrastructure, veterinary equipment, spay/neuter programs, special-needs programs, medical expenses for senior animals, rescue or adoption programs, street feeder programs

VOSD’s obligation will be to the tune of funds transferred/delivered by the crowdfunding platform. You may not independently raise funds for the same project in a period of 12 months from the conclusion of the co-sponsored project. The annual project grant will not exceed ₹8-9 lakh for each grantee.


VOSD has tremendous experience in managing digital outreach, social media and digital marketing, campaign management, branding and e-commerce with:

  • A monthly engagement rate of 1 million-plus engagement on our social platforms and websites
  • An operational e-commerce platform built from scratch including product development, branding and order fulfilment
  • 2-3 campaigns run annually with an average of ₹10 lakh realisation per campaign
  • Managing a supply chain and facility with hundreds resident dogs and a vet hospital

We share this experience with the community in talks, one on one consultations and so on. As a VOSD GRANTEE, you will have 4-5 hours of a FREE consultation with our experts and access to VOSD workshops priced at ₹10,000.   


As a VOSD GRANTEE, you will be able to send up to 5 dogs (limited at 1 dog per 20 dogs in your care) per year to the VOSD Sanctuary without any surrender consideration, otherwise this costs up to ₹1,00,000 for the year.

This facility is dependent on our overall admission capacity and approvals for sending dogs will be given on a case by case basis.


  • Start by sending a one-page email (600-1000 words) to info@vosd.in with your name, contact details, stating when you/ the organization started working, its purpose, link to your social/online pages for reference, reason why the grant (clearly state amount of funds needed in INR) is being requested and why do you wish to associate with VOSD.
  • Depending on this and an initial assessment of your requirement more information including proof of funds received by govt agencies, references, etc. may be requested.

Each grant’s email proposals will be reviewed by the VOSD team on an ongoing basis. Proposals will not be considered for full evaluation if the applicant, project or costs are not directly related to the welfare of stray and/or abandoned dogs.