Rakesh Shukla

Founder | The Voice of Stray Dogs (VOSD) and CEO | TWB_

Rakesh has slept on railway platforms on his way  to create a world-leading technology company , TWB — the choice of over 40 Fortune 500 tech customers worldwide including Microsoft, Boeing, Airbus, Intel and others. At 43, over one year he lost everything. Alone & friendless he spent the next 5 years repaying over INR 20 crores of debt & taxes building back his company and reputation. And creating the world’s largest dog sanctuary & rescue – VOSD.    
He has suffered heart disease since 7 yrs of age, has had 2 heart attacks by the time he was 30, suffers from brain diseases, has broken his back and his kidneys are failing. By the end of this 5 year period he was 88kg in weight and very unfit. Today at 48 yrs he can lift well over 100kg above his head, run a 10-minute mile, do 2000 push ups or 250 pulls ups.  He has never been to a gym, been on a diet, had a trainer or taken any supplements. To know more about him visit:

Beena Malikaveetil

Senior Director Marketing Strategy and Donor Engagement VOSD | Vice President – Business and Communication Strategy at TWB_

Beena is a Marketing and Communications professional with over 20 years of work experience in the Technology Industry. She comes with a background in Electronic Engineering and MBA in Marketing. She wears multiple hats for VOSD including that of Technology evangalist, Marketing maverick and Digital futurist. Beena is responsible for the Business growth of TWB_ and its customer relationship management. She is a RESULTS certified life and business Coach helping people find solutions for challenges in their lives.

Beena has been passionate about taking care of stray dogs since childhood and went on to start Tails ‘ N’ Trees NGO successfully with few of her friends in Pune and has recently started VOSD Pune in collaboration with VOSD to focus on the stray dog population management and rabies erradication in Pune.

Board of Advisors

Tarun Hukku

Board of Advisors, VOSD

Tarun Hukku has a career spanning 3 decades across services, operations and marketing.

Tarun is also passionate about entrepreneurship and has served as a Governing Council member of TiE Bangalore for several years. He is presently a Director at ATOSCOPE Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Tarun is a cat aficionado and for many years – has been the resident troubleshooter for VOSD. 

Ashwini Ponnappa

Board of Advisors, VOSD

Ashwini Ponnappa an ace badminton player who represents India in the International badminton circuit.

She is the official spokesperson for VOSD.

She won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games and bronze medals at the Uber Cup and the Asian Badminton Championships. She was ranked No. 10 in the BWF World Rankings.

Mandeep Sangha

Board of Advisors, VOSD

Mandeep Sangha is an Indian Revenue Service Officer and a mother to an Indian dog called Ginger.

Mandeep is presently posted as the Joint Commissioner, International Customs Division, CBIC, Ministry of Finance. She is also a Chevening Fellow and an Awardee of the Finance Minister Gold medal for the best performing officer trainee.

She brings to VOSD her love and passion for animal welfare along with her considerable experience in the Indian bureaucracy interface of trade and industry.

Shrutkeerti Khurana

Board of Advisors, VOSD

Shrutkeerti Khurana is currently a Program Director at Infosys Foundation.

Her 20+ years of varied experience spans corporate, non-profit and government organisations through her work across India, Singapore and USA.

In her parallel life, Shrutee is an independent and accomplished editor who enjoys working with various authors (including Sudha Murty and Late President APJ Abdul Kalam) in the genres of fiction, non-fiction and children’s books.

She is a dog lover too and lives in Bangalore with her family and three goofy dogs. She weighs in on policy decisions facing VOSD.


Arpitha Rao


Arpitha got her first dog at the age of 11, who changed her life. She began to see why dogs are better than humans (in her words) and decided to dedicate her time to serve animals in need. She joined the Blue Cross of India, Madras, as a volunteer at the age of 14 and worked in various sections of the hospital-cum-shelter including rescues, treatment, kennel management and animal care.
After completing her Bachelors degree in Journalism — she worked as a features reporter and language editor for 7 years. During this stint, with the help of her supportive family, she fostered many animals at home and adopted a rescued cats as well. Knowing that her heart truly lies in animal care, Arpitha gave up her career as a journalist to join Blue Cross of India full-time as their Communication Manager. She handled the NGO’s social media sites, volunteer induction programs, adoption drives and other internal operations. Today, she believes that living with and caring for hundreds of dogs at VOSD, is truly the best job she can ever have!

Arundathi Somaiya


Arundathi Somaiah has always had an innate fondness for animals. She couldn’t have a pet of her own at home, so volunteered at various animal shelters and fostered rescued animals at home. In 2016, she began to understand the struggles faced by animal foster parents. Her passion coupled with her love for animals propelled her to team up with her friends and start an organisation called FluffyNut Foundation. The voluntary initiative supports animal feeders, rescuers and foster parents across Karnataka.
In tandem with her animal welfare work, she is also a qualified Medical Social Worker and Special Educator by profession. In 2020, she landed her ‘dream job’ at VOSD as a Caregiver. From having no pets of her own, she’s now surrounded by hundreds of them at the sanctuary!
An ambivert by nature, she cherishes time at home as well as outdoor adventures with her friends.

Swarnita Solanki

Residential Administrator & Caregiver

Swarnita completed her BA in English Literature and Economics and did her MBA in Hospitality from Ooty. However, her love for trying new things and working in different industries led her to work not only in hospitality, but in travel and real estate as well. In her career spanning 7+ years she has worked with organisations like Trident, Hyatt, CBRE and Holiday IQ. During her experience with the corporate sector, she learnt many things like organisation, team work, the importance of paying attention to detail, punctuality and responsibility and believes that these will always stand her in good stead.

She has been passionate about dogs and their care, for many years. Even as a young girl she would always be carrying biscuit packets to feed dogs along any journey she took. Seeing a dog or cow in distress has always made her stop whatever she is doing and take care of them. During the lockdown she was out feeding about 400 dogs and bulls and cows with a special pass from the authorities. She was recognised as a ‘Corona Warrior’ for her efforts in this field. She learnt dancing for 5 years and is passionate about music and dance. She practices Buddhism.


Aaditi Kulshreshtha

Social Media Manager

Aaditi is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker and visual effects artist with over 10 years of professional experience. She has always been passionate about using her skills to shed light on stories with a social significance. Aaditi has previously worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for their International ‘Art of Saving a Life’ Campaign. Other clients include World for All, Teach for India; EY Foundation; ADIDAS & Conde Nast Traveller.
After working with major brands — first with humans and then with dogs —  she realised she had the ability to create content about dogs, in a way that most general practitioners didn’t understand them. This led her to combine her love for dogs with her artistic skills and start Pet Photography as a service in India. In a few months, she ranked as one of the World’s Top 100 Pet Photographers; one of India’s Top Pet Photographers and was voted one of the Top 10 International Photocrowd Animal Photographers.
Today, she uses her skills to take VOSD’s story to the (digital) world.

Nupur Bala

Content Specialist

Nupur is a content writer and video producer with five years of professional experience working in the corporate and sustainability sectors. She has worked for clients like NABARD,, Tenacious Bee Collective, IBM and more.
She has worked in different parts of rural India, but likes the city too much to leave. She developed a keen interest in sustainability after she joined ‘Beach Buddies’ as a kid, a group that would clean the beach and go on regular ‘Turtle Walks’ to protect Olive Ridley Turtle hatchlings along the ECR coastline.
Nupur loves dogs and truly believes them to be the world’s #1 producer of Serotonin. This is closely followed by the sound of waves and some fish fry.


Ruston Chaki

Customer Experience Manager

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Ruston completed schooling in Dr. Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong, and received a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication. To date, Ruston’s 15 years of work experience, spans across the BPO, event management and F&B sectors.
His love for animals led him to join VOSD as a volunteer first and then eventually – full time. Rusty’s greatest talent is handling dogs with different temperaments and he enjoys studying and observing their behaviour.
Outside of work, he loves to sing & strum the guitar. He is quite the social butterfly, and loves to keep things simple – like the traveller and wanderer that he is.

VOSD administration Team

Sparsh Anubhav

Manager Procurement and Logistics

Sparsh joined VOSD initially as a vendor in 2016, for a procurement project and then went on to join us full time. He currently leads the procurement and logistics team to facilitate effective, efficient and timely program implementation and has established a rigorous, accountable and transparent procurement system for VOSD.
He comes with a background in Engineering and extensive experience in working in the field of logistics and procurement. He is the most soft spoken member of our team and has played a significant role in ensuring smooth functioning of our procurement and logistics needs during India’s 2020 lockdown as well as during other crisis situations in the past.

Want to join the team?

We are always looking for talented individuals who share our love for dogs, to join our team. If this sounds like you, drop us a line with what you can bring to VOSD that sets you apart from anyone else.