A group of community feeders rescued a 4 month old puppy, Chunni, after she was hit by a vehicle. She was rushed to a veterinary hospital and after a series of scans and diagnosis, it was found out that her right femur was completely broken and there’s nerve damage in her left one.

Her rescuers left no stone unturned to get her to walk again through laser therapy & physiotherapy, however, nothing seemed to improve her condition. With no one willing to even foster her, forget adopting her, Chunni’s rescuers took the final call to reach out to VOSD through our helpdesk requesting us to admit her.

Chunni was surrendered to VOSD under the “Special Needs Dogs” category. Upon arrival, we let her settle down and then took her to the vet for a general checkup and to understand the best course of care for her. Based on it, we concluded that she needs physiotherapy, special diet for strength, nerve supplements, and daily wound dressing. Her condition might improve a bit but overall prognosis is guarded since she’s suffered severe spine trauma.

While we are slowly inculcating all these in Chunni’s daily routine, the biggest healing medium – as we always believe – is love. Chunni is a playful puppy and we are encouraging her to interact with her caregivers and feel the love we have for her. She might never walk again but Chunni will live a safe and quality life at her new home at VOSD.

Watch the highlights of Chunni’s journey here.

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