VOSD’s founder Rakesh Shukla was visiting a dog shelter that was shut down, and all their dogs were being surrendered to us. What caught his attention was a tiny, furless dog outside the shelter – it was love at first sight and Rakesh promised to be her friend for life! “She’s aggressive so we don’t allow her inside,” the shelter staff said. So, Rakesh walked up to his car, opened the door, and in jumped the tiny dog.

One man’s loss is another man’s gain! That was the beginning of her six-year-long journey with VOSD. ‘Choti Kavya’ has gone on to become the undisputed queen of the sanctuary. She grew all her fur back and to date is one of the fluffiest, plumpest dogs at the farm – we call it ‘puppy fat’!

She’s a confident, stubborn dog who only does as she pleases and has us, humans, at her beck and call, serving her needs. She will only sleep on couches or beds and leads the plush life. The staff at the sanctuary make floral jewelry for her once in a while and she loves the extra attention.

Choti Kavya is just one of the many dogs whose lives have turned 180 degrees after being rescued by VOSD. We spare no expense in giving our babies the best possible care and need your support to extend our help to hundreds of other dogs that need it.

Watch Choti Kavya’s transformation journey here.

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