Registering a Rescue (What is the VOSD helpline number?)

VOSD does not have a helpline number. We do not have Emergency Rescue Services. 

For all your queries, write to us at 

You can still register a rescue call with us for all dog cases which are not urgent by writing to . We work with our partner teams across India to support dog rescue and treatment cases which we can possibly support with help of rescuers at that location.

Please note that if local rescuers cannot take custody of the injured or ill dog and treat it immediately, VOSD will not get involved in the rescue. We are based in Bangalore and for out of city rescues, the rescuers have to take the efforts to stabilize the dog till we can get involved to take over the case.

You can also surrender your pet dog or rescued dog to VOSD Sanctuary through the VOSD website.

  • Updates on rescues or surrendered dogs : Updates are not provided. That is as per our surrender policy. Only way to know about life of our dogs is via our website and social page updates and documentaries that various independent media houses shoot at the VOSD Sanctuary.