Relocated multiple times, CD survivor Bruno comes to VOSD for lifelong care

2022 was an eventful year for a stray dog named Bruno. When he contracted canine distemper (CD) in January, his rescuers had to jump through several hops to nurture him back to health. The first set of doctors gave up on him as the little pooch was grievously ill and could barely move, but the caretakers weren’t ready to give up. So they took him to another doctor who started him on a course of antibiotics and immunity tonics.

Despite serious opposition, the caretakers continued to nurture Bruno. However, the neighbours who were especially antagonistic relocated him twice. Thankfully with the help of a dog lovers’ network, he was found both times and his treatment was continued. After several months of care, Bruno survived but it left behind a noticeable head bob and a muscle twitch that extended through his entire upper body. In times of emotional distress, the twitch became severe and manifested even in his sleep.

The neighbours grew extremely wary of Bruno’s symptoms – they suspected that the dog had gone “mad or rabid” and started finding ways to get rid of him. They’d hurl stones at him, round him up and hound him constantly. The abuse left him with bloody bruises several times. Completely harried and defeated, his caretakers approached VOSD to provide a safe and permanent residence for him, so we admitted him under the ‘Special Needs’ surrender category.

Luckily, Bruno has been blessed with a sunny disposition, so all the disease, strife, and separation did nothing to dampen his spirit. He’s been happy and playful since he came to VOSD. He loves people and dogs alike and the sanctuary has become a playground for him! We think he is an adorable addition to our pack and our dogs have given him the space to forge new friendships. The boy is thriving in this new environment! He has been put on a weight gain plan, which includes a high-protein diet and digestive supplements.

Bruno survived CD and then he survived the wrath of a dog-hating crowd. Going forward, he will only have quiet nights, happy days, and the promise of an ever-present loving family. Hundreds of special needs stray dogs like Bruno who have been harshly rejected by society find a new home at VOSD. To help us provide care for more such dogs, please donate INR 5,000 (~$61) one-time or monthly:

Special needs stray dogs who are unable to survive on the streets can be surrender to the VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital. For more information you can write to us at