Rescuing Miss Daisy


Daisy, the St. Bernard, gets carried down a mountain by a rescue team.

Now, this is a movie we’d love to see. At VOSD, we like starting our day with good news from the doggy world and coming across stories of dogs getting pampered and loved the way they should be.

The heroine in question, Daisy, was tired whilst walking down Scafell Pike, England’s highest peak, with her owners. As they were descending, she felt exhausted and stopped moving in order to rest.

St. Bernards are great rescue dogs, but they need breaks too!

Daisy’s owners were traveling downhill with her by foot, and they noticed her showing signs of pain and exhaustion. She soon refused to move and a rescue team was called to help bring her down.

It took 5 hours to rescue Daisy- and the rescue team redesigned a stretcher intended for humans to suit her needs. Daisy was safely lifted back down and is now recovering and getting the sleep and rest she needs!

When the tables are turned

It is quite lovely to see the effort and care with which the rescue team did their work so that Daisy could be safe and sound. In this particular case, the mountain is in Lake District National Park in Cumbria. The Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team subsists on donations to fund their rescues. So it is also thanks to donors who care about the region that the team can spend time on every rescue operation- including those of beloved dogs!

At VOSD, we believe in giving dogs all of the love there is to give- and go through any length to let them have a comfortable and joyous life.

Source: Time Magazine

Image Source: Associated Press

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