Separation Anxiety in Dogs After Lockdown


Lockdown is easing and you have to leave home and your dog. Pay attention to these signs and help ease your pet dog’s separation anxiety.

Now that the lockdown is easing, dogs have to get used to their parents leaving the house again. This is bound to cause anxiety in pets. Many of us might also have to start getting back to the office. As the lockdown starts to relax, here are a few ways we can prepare our dogs for the daily grind.

Some indications that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety

If you leave your dog for a long span of time, they will start barking or howling. They might destroy things in the house or hurt themselves. Be mindful of this so that you don’t punish them when you return. Understand that dogs feel anxiety and fear too.

Dogs might also do their business inside the house because of the anxiety. Watch out for a sudden change in their habits. They might also salivate more and have an increased heart rate.

Dogs are social animals

As the events of the lockdown have shown us, dogs need affection to be healthy. This is not very different from human beings! Receiving affection helps improve our mood, our perspective and maybe even our immunity.

Start “socially distancing” from your dog

Hear us out- we know this is a tough one. You need to train your dog to get used to spending time by himself. So start practicing this. Leave doggie treats on the ground and then disappear for a while. Show your dog that they will be okay on their own- and that this is positive for them.

Create a safe space

Are there any places in the house that your dog is particularly fond of? It might be a cardboard box, or a space under the bed. You might need to gently cordon off the space so your dog remains there, but that’s up to you and your dog’s demeanour.

Don’t punish an anxiety-ridden dog

It’s not your dog’s fault that they miss you! It’s your responsibility as a pet parent to get them used to being away from you. When our children cry about going to school, we comfort them. We don’t punish them.

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