Stray dog with a heart condition finds the right medical care and a home at VOSD

Earlier this year, a timid dog was picked up from the streets of Pune for the Animal Birth Control (ABC) surgery. When a routine set of pre-operation tests were being done, the vets noticed her breathing was deep and heart rate was abnormal. An echocardiogram showed she had cardiac wall hypertrophy – a disease in which the heart muscles become thickened. Her aorta was also highly engorged.

The vets knew she wouldn’t withstand sedation and surgery, so they immediately began her on treatment for her heart. Given her condition, she couldn’t be left back on the streets either, so she was transported by VOSD Pune to our sanctuary in Bengaluru.

Maisel is subject to vet check-ups every month which includes a 2D echocardiogram and x-rays of the chest cavity. She has been put on two kinds of lifelong medication for her heart and has shown tremendous progress! Her breathing and heart rate are consistently normal; her appetite has improved, and she can run around and play without tiring! Her condition might not get fully cured ever, but she will live a healthy and comfortable life at VOSD with the most advanced and sophisticated medical care any dog can avail in the country.

It is horrifying to imagine a dog with a cardiac condition surviving on the harsh streets. VOSD makes it possible for such pooches to live in comfortable accommodation, get nutritious diets, receive advanced medical treatment, and be surrounded by people who will love and care for them. Help us bring hundreds of other stray dogs who might be dying on the streets due to a medical condition, by donating INR 5,000 (~$63) one-time or monthly:

Special needs stray dogs can be surrendered to the VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital. For more information you can write to us at