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Keeping your dog healthy with routine examinations – VOSD Expert Vet Advice™


Since dogs can’t tell you about how they feel examining your dog routinely for any changes from normal, thereby identifying and addressing medical problems before pronounced symptoms appear, is the best way of assuring a long and healthy life. There are many signs of a dog’s health in the dog’s body and excretion. Here’s a […]

Routine Health Checks for Dogs

Spoiler alert: Dogs can’t articulate their feelings like human beings. Since dogs can’t tell you about how they feel, routinely examining your dog for anything abnormal is an important part of being a pet owner. This way you can identify and address medical problems before pronounced symptoms appear. Learn to read the signs Checking temperature […]

Treating Diarrhea in Dogs

Treating Diarrhea in Dogs

It’s not just humans that have the loosies. And it’s always painful no matter who it affects. Read on to find out what you can do about the dreaded “Diarrhoea” in dogs. What is diarrhea? If you’re seeing an abnormal increase in the amount of fluid in your pet’s faeces, they might be suffering from […]