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How is VOSD a no-kill Sanctuary?

VOSD no kill sanctuary and hospital

VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital is a unique place across the world for both its philosophy and scale from dogs. There are several distinct characteristics of VOSD that make us unique in the world not just for what we do and how we do it but at the scale at which we do it as well.  […]

10 years of VOSD

10yrs of VOSD world's largest no kill sanctuary and hospital for dogs

The Voice of Stray Dogs or VOSD was established in Sept 2010 in response to a specific case of an alleged killing of a child in Bangalore by ‘stray’ dogs. The then government and bureaucracy were quick to point that it is indeed stray dogs that have killed, dragged and then devoured a 5yr old […]

Texas Woman Fights for her Dog, Annie

Texas Woman Fights for Dog

Cheryl Whitfield’s beloved dog, Annie, was sent to dog jail for biting a lady at the park after being startled. Their journey has since gone viral. There are few things more terrifying than your dog being punished for something they did by accident. It’s scary from the start- the accident which is harmful to someone […]

Stray Dog Rescued From Well

to show how the woman rescues a stray dog from a well

Local woman bravely rescues stray dog in Mangalore. The Indian Express recently reported the story of a woman from Mangalore climbing down a well to save a dog. The footage went viral on social media. The woman, who does not know how to swim, became a local hero after her brave deed. We were curious […]

VOSD Dog Sanctuary Clinic requires URGENT revamp

VOSD Sanctuary Clinic

URGENT REVAMP REQUIRED AT VOSD SANCTUARY CLINIC  I  http://ket.to/VOSDSanctuaryClinic VOSD Sanctuary clinic was built 6 yrs ago when we had 20 dogs. While we have 2 OPD’s, a basic surgery and give great long-term medical care, each dog has to make a 150km round trip to Bangalore to begin treatment! This compromises health care we can […]


Tell us your dog story We asked you to tell us your dog story and we heard some really heart touching stories from all of you on our Facebook page. We are featuring those stories here and soon one of these wonderful people and their furry kids would win a Rs.3000 VOSD Dog Care product gift […]

Crowdfunding for dogs of VOSD : Ketto

Support ADI - VOSD

Join us on Ketto and Bitgiving crowdfunding platforms! VOSD is currently running two fundraisers at Ketto and Bitgiving crowdfunding sites, and we’re reaching out to friends and well wishers who’d like to raise funds for us. Ketto site permits fundraising in both $ and INR It’s easier than you might think, so we’d like to run you through the […]