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Bear dogs are here to save the bears

Karelian Bear Dogs are now scaring away bears (while protecting them). Rangers are now using bear dogs to help chase away encroaching bears. The people of Novaya Zemlya (in Russia) recently faced a new problem- dozens of polar bears descended in the Russian archipelago. Everyone was clueless and afraid when the bears ruined their homes […]

Marnie, celebrity Shih Tzu, is no more

The tale of Marnie the Shih Tzu and the rise of the senior dog influencer. Marnie was a celebrity at 18 on Instagram thanks to her lolling tongue, stilted gait and amusing expressions. Her owner Shirley Braha adopted Marnie in 2012 from a Connecticut shelter. Marnie had a curious looking face and she quickly endeared […]

Indian stray dog joins the police!

Turns out the Indian stray is great at police work. The police in Uttarakhand have begun training the common Indian stray dogs to work like sniffer dogs so that they can help the police in identifying threats and assist them in criminal investigations. This is a welcome change that has reduced dependency on pure breed […]

Wolves and their unusual evolution

How wolves evolved into pets. We have long believed that dogs evolved from wolves to integrate with human society in small ways. Scientists now believe that human beings might have been subtly trained to understand dogs. Humans are always quick to give themselves credit for domesticating dogs. Did hunters adopt wolf puppies after finding them […]

The veterinarian hero in California

This heroic veterinarian spends his spare time healing the pets of the homeless. A kind veterinarian in California was motivated to set up a pet care option for homeless people. After many people lost their homes in 2011, Dr. Kwane Stewart came up with a brilliant idea. Many homeless people who were unable to care […]

Break dog fights using these simple techniques

Source: https://drsophiayin.com/blog/entry/how-to-break-up-a-dog-fight-without-getting-bitten/ There are times when you have to sort a spat between your dog and its other doggie mates. If your dog likes to go to the park, socialize and play with other dogs, there are chances that you need to break a spat at some point in time. There may be low-level altercations with […]

The marathon dog of Worli

Laddu is always seen at every marathon, and is now famous in Mumbai. Laddu holds a medal from winning two marathons that he had participated in. Aditya Natarajan, a gaming consultant who regularly feeds stray dogs at Worli Seaface, was receiving several calls about Laddu for a few days. One of the callers claimed that […]

The history of the domestication of dogs

Source: https://www.sciencealert.com/this-ancient-canine-skull-could-be-one-of-the-earliest-examples-of-wolf-domestication Some early accounts A fossil site in Czechia estimated to be 28,500 years old, also known as the Ancient Canina Craniums, gives one of the earliest accounts of animal husbandry. Or perhaps they could just be regular wolves roaming from one place to another in search of food and shelter. Previous studies at […]

Army man saves dog

Source: Representational image Life in the woods Major Ankit Budhraja was living a regular army life surrounded by nature in the Gulmarg area of Baramulla in Kashmir with his wife and a pet dog. The little apartment of three bedrooms was a stand-alone wooden home surrounded by lush green trees. There was nothing unusual about […]