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Ingestion Poisoning in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment – VOSD Expert Vet Advice™

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Dogs come into contact with several substances and can eat many things that are toxic.  If left untreated poisoning can be fatal and learning and treating it might save your dog someday. In this article, we discuss toxicity because of ingestion (not bites). Causes There are several opportunities for a dog to come into contact with various […]

Identifying and Tackling Poisoning in Stray Dogs

Frequently I get distress calls from stray dog feeders that all of a sudden their dog/s are frothing from mouth and having fits. 90% of the time these turn out to be poisoning cases. Stray dogs being scavengers, can get exposed to poisonous substance if they ingest already poisoned rat or poisonous plants or toxic […]