Tell us your dog story

We asked you to tell us your dog story and we heard some really heart touching stories from all of you on our Facebook page. We are featuring those stories here and soon one of these wonderful people and their furry kids would win a Rs.3000 VOSD Dog Care product gift pack! Watch this space.

Baisakhi Chatterjee Das shares the story of her rescued babies:

“One fine morning my son came running from his study to tell me he can hear a dog crying. I went to the garden to look for the dog. No luck. Then in the evening I could hear him crying. Tried to find out but no luck. 2days went son climbed the wall and went into the neighbors yard. There he met Rock. Then the supply of food and everything started, after a few days I went and spoke to my neighbor that either you keep Rock like a family member or give him to me. Without even a second thought he gave him to me. I got him home. A scared and psychologically scarred pooch he refused to eat or drink for 24hrs. And to top it all the prince of the house my pet was refusing to allow him in. At one point of time, seeing their enemity thought of handing over Rock to VOSD. But my son was sure that one day the three of them would be best buddies. Slowly with lot of patience it has happened.. rock is a pretty confident pooch now. Though for some reason he doesn’t trust grown up men. And he is a senior. But the pack of 3 is super happy team.”

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