The Essential Dog Owners Medical Kit – VOSD Expert Vet Advice™

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The essential medical kit

If you have a dog, or rescue dogs, keep a treatment kit handy with you with the following essential supplies:

  1. Basic medical supplies

    • Melonex 7.5 mg tabs ALWAYS give with a Rantac tab to prevent acidity buildup

    • Melonex inj

    • Tremedol inj. 2 units – stronger painkiller

    • Botropase inj 2 units (prevents excessive bleeding)

    • Vitamin K inj 2 units (prevents excessive bleeding)

    • Rantac inj. 5 units (prevents hyperacidity)

    • Emset inj. 5 units (prevents vomiting)

    • Atropine inj 2 units (prevents excess salivation)

    • Dexa inj 2 units (prevents the dog going into shock)

    • Ivermectin inj (1 vial of 20ml) – critical for dogs with maggots

    • Ivermectin tablets (3-4 strips each of 10)

    • 1 large bottle surgical spirit

  2. Needles and syringes:

    • 5 units of 2 ml needles and syringes – they are one-time use so you need to throw them after any use

    • 5 units of 5 ml needles and syringes – they are one-time use so you need to throw them after any use

    • 5 units of 10/ 20 ml needles and syringes – these are recommended to feed dogs liquid/ oral medicine of liquified food or both

    • 2 units of 10 / 12/ 14 gauge (thick needles) – these will be required to puncture the abdomen in case of bloat – as will be described

  3. Bandaging etc:

    • 2 – 3 each of – chords/ shoelaces, leashes, muzzles (at least 1 of small and medium & large sizes)

    • 1 large blanket (use to throw on a dog lying in 1 place and pick him up)

    • 1 large towel (to clean the dog, to keep him warm, or wet and make it colder in case of heatstroke)

    • Clean gauze and cotton for bandaging. Ladies sanitary towels work very well if bleeding is excessive from a severed blood vessel and external pressure has to be applied

    • Gauze for wrapping wounds or muzzling the injured animal

    • Nonstick bandages, towels, or strips of clean cloth To control bleeding or protect wounds

    • Adhesive tape for bandages (do NOT use human adhesive bandages (eg, Band-Aids®) on dogs)

  4. External application

    • Gotbac powder – useful in case of maggots

    • Tropicure spray – to spray around wounds to prevent flies sitting on the wound

    • Povidone Iodine – best to keep in a garden spray

  5. Equipment/ appliances

    • Digital thermometer: Do not insert a thermometer in the dog’s mouth—the temperature must be taken rectally. Use a cotton swab soaked in spirit to clean the head later. Dispose of the swab. Tips & tricks: Apply a little Vaseline or cooking oil if you are not able to insert the thermometer.

    • Eyedropper

    • Stretcher (in an emergency a door, board, blanket or floor mat may be used): Especially in case of hit and run or another injury to the torso and/or head and back do not move the dog only with your hands.

  6. Scissors. Tips & tricks: buy ones with blunt ends that way you will not accidentally injure the dog