VOSD Announces – Blood Bank for Stray Dogs and Pet Dogs!

*The VoSD Blood Banks’ operating procedure is completely described in the Terms of Use here https://goo.gl/dVlClO

Press Release: 2nd January 2014, Bangalore, India:

The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD) today announced a ‘first of its kind’ service for animals – a blood bank for stray dogs, community dogs and pet dogs. With this, VoSD takes another step forward, in its continued endeavour to work with the helpless, nameless dogs on the street.

‘The VoSD Canine Blood Bank’ is another step in working towards a better life for India’s stray dogs and is borne of the painful reality of trying to procure blood for critically ill dogs.  The blood banks that exist depend on voluntary enrolment of donors and donors are not always forthcoming.  Blood transfusions are difficult and rare. There is a general apathy that exists when it comes to animal blood transfusion requirements, and in a country where it is difficult to save precious human lives, this is definitely not a priority.

At The VoSD Canine Blood Bank, blood is made available for stray dogs and pet dogs. For stray, ownerless dogs, this service is completely free.  For pet dogs, this service is provided at cost. In most blood banks that exist, the recipient animal has a long wait. The donor animal is not readily available and more often than not, this is left to chance. This would be the critical difference wrt ‘The VoSD Canine Blood Bank’.

The donor animals are from the 200+ dogs rescued by, and that live with Rakesh Shukla, Founder of VoSD. Of these, the dogs that are healthy, between 2-4 years old and weigh at least 20 -25 kgs are classified as donors. These much loved ‘rescued’ dogs are now taking the rescue tradition forward and in turn, rescuing more dogs in a virtuous rescue cycle. The once rescued getting into rescue, thus completing the circle of life!

The germ of ‘The VoSD Canine Blood Bank’ idea is the story of Dinanath and Ladoo.  Ladoo was rescued as a 2 month old pup with a failing liver and so much fluid leaching in his body that he could not even walk – he was given 2 days to live by the vets at the time. Laddo made an amazing recovery and is a large Labrador Retriever with a clean bill of health. A few months back an abandoned German Shepherd, now called Dinanath was rescued weighing in only 10 kgs and an almost non-existent RBC count and extensive liver damage. Dinanath remained in critical care for 2 weeks. Dinanath received Ladoo’s blood and has made a full recovery.  It is the stuff of dreams. One that ‘The VoSD Canine Blood Bank’ wants to help recreate many times over.

To avail of the VoSD Blood Bank’s facility simply fill out the request form on www.strays.in!

About VoSD: ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ is a privately run not for profit organization. We’re India’s largest & most efficient privately run dog rescue service – and completely free for dogs. We’re also the world’s largest website and repository of legal, data analysis and investigative information on stray dog

VoSD today, runs the ONLY operational trauma service in Bangalore today. It is the most sophisticated rescue operation in India, with every stage automated and documented. VoSD provides state of the art services; a trauma centre, manned helplines, a unique CRM based tracking & despatch system, 3 dedicated rescue vehicles, and we provide modern vet services including MRIs, X-rays, diagnostics, sophisticated surgery and rehabilitation for free to the dog on the street. This infrastructure, built purely on our own resources,   is run by a small but dedicated team of full time individuals and few committed volunteers. In its 1st year alone, (Oct 15, 2012 – Oct 15, 2013) VoSD picked up and treated 670 dogs. There are 200+ dogs in permanent care. Some of what we do can be seen at www.strays.in

The Voice of Stray Dogs contact for information:

The Voice of Stray Dogs
The TWB Building
4062, 19th Main
HAL II Stage
Bangalore – 560008
Helplines +91.9880119900 & +91.9980009950, 9am-6pm, 7 days a week

*The VoSD Blood Banks’ operating procedure is completely described in the Terms of Use here https://goo.gl/dVlClO

The VoSD Blood Bank in Bangalore
The VoSD Blood Bank in Bangalore
The VoSD Blood Bank in Bangalore

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