Old stray dog unable to stand beats all odds and walks again at VOSD!

Shadow was born on the streets and thought he’d spend the rest of his days there. And he did way into his old age, until a speeding vehicle hit him and altered the course of his life. The accident caused the partially blind dog a severe abdominal and leg injury which forced him to retreat in the bushes for three days. On the fourth day, Shadow’s feeder sought the help of professional catchers and took him to the hospital.

Shadow’s medical reports revealed that he also suffered from advanced spondylosis. He was under hospitalisation for a month which only marginally helped heal his wounds; moreover, prolonged stay at the shelter led to skin ulceration. Shadow’s injured hind legs made movement very difficult for him so he stayed cooped up inside his kennel which caused him to get further depressed. Given his impaired vision and spinal issues, he couldn’t be released back to the streets to fend for himself. So, Shadow’s carer sent a surrender request to our help desk.

And so Shadow came to live with us at VOSD under the ‘Hospice care’ category. Shadow was in pretty bad shape when he first came to VOSD. He had a deep wounds on his legs and thighs. His condition looked quite bleak but our medical team persisted with his treatment and the caregiving team took special care of his strength-gaining diet. Two weeks later, our efforts reaped miraculously rewards as Shadow started walking again – slowly & carefully.

We are hopeful that with the right nutrition, medicines and supplements, Shadow will be back to his former fierce and healthy self and spend his old age in peace at VOSD.

To support more old, injured dogs like Shadow who would be unable to handle the harsh street life, please consider a gift of INR 5,000 (~$61) one-time or monthly: https://vosd.in/active-campaigns/monthly-expenses/

Old and ailing stray dogs who can no longer survive on the streets can be surrendered to the VOSD Hospice. For more information you can write to us at info@vosd.in