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There are many different ways to volunteer at VOSD.

We have so much going on at VOSD because taking care of dogs is more than a full-time job. It requires a heart and it requires a soul. If you have both, come volunteer with us. We have listed out a few different ways in which you can.


Life at VOSD

By volunteering for VOSD you will be living with hundreds of dogs, or remotely supporting their care.

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    Why Volunteer with VOSD?

    “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. – Oscar Wilde

    Apart from the joy that comes from helping our furry friends, we do our best to make it a fulfilling experience for you. Our team has some of India’s leading animal activists, advocates, vets and enthusiasts who will guide you on how to convert your love for animals into a vocation. Here are the top reasons you should consider volunteering your time with us. 


    Our furry friends need you

    Since 2013, VOSD has been taking in dogs that have been the victims of animal cruelty, negligence, or natural disasters and providing them with a safe place to stay their whole lives. Each one of these dogs needs your help and care, and there will always be a dog who needs to be groomed, fed, given medical care, etc. So, if you are passionate about dogs and want to make a difference to their lives, join us as an VOSD NGO volunteer. Reach out to us by writing to to learn more about our NGO volunteer programs.

    De-stress with like minded people

    Our forever home for furry friends is a great place to connect with nature and have fun with empathetic, like-minded souls bonding over a shared love for dogs. We can assure you you’ll also gain the companionship of hundreds of resident dogs that are an absolute delight to care for.

    Develop empathy

    By volunteering at our dog sanctuary, you learn to be sensitive towards all kinds of animals.Did you know that we have 6 rescued horses and 7 rescued cows too at the VOSD Sanctuary and Hospital? The experiences you can gain will inspire you to create a better society that is kinder and considerate to animals and people around them. If you are someone who’s passionate about creating a kinder, more empathetic world, please do volunteer at our sanctuary , you’ll gain a world of new perspectives.

    It’s great for your mental health

    Spending quality time with dogs can help to lower your stress levels and keep your blood pressure under check. Probably, every dog lover in the world is already aware of this fact. Playing with dogs, taking them on walks and caring for them keeps you active. In doing so, you develop a unique bond with them which improves the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body and help you deal with loneliness, depression or anxiety.


    About volunteering with VOSD: Your Questions Answered


    What steps should I take to prepare myself for volunteer work?

    Be ready to work from the ground up: If you’re considering becoming a volunteer, you have to be proactive about working with our dogs and being hands-on. If your volunteering job requires you to work outdoors, consider wearing appropriate clothing and shoes. It’s a good idea to have bandages, disinfectant creams, and peroxide handy.

    Find a schedule that works for you: Volunteer work at an NGO requires individuals with compassion and a high sense of responsibility. It is advisable to schedule your time well so that you can be at the premises when you are needed. Perhaps you can choose to volunteer after your work hours or during the weekends. Once you take on a responsibility, ensure that you take ownership as the welfare of the animals cannot be compromised. 

    Create awareness amongst the community: By creating awareness about NGO volunteer opportunities and activities that promote animal welfare, you can change the mindset of people and prevent animal abuse and negligence. You can use your social media handles to share positive facts about the animal shelter you are working in so that people can foster a dog or donate for their care.

    Why does VOSD need volunteers?

    Pets and stray dogs suffer due to neglect and abuse from their owners and the people around them. At VOSD, we take in 200-250 abandoned and mistreated dogs every year, which means we need volunteers to come and befriend our rescued babies. We also need volunteers to support us in sharing the stories of our rescued dogs with the world to create a better understanding about the lives of stray dogs and encourage compassion and kindness towards strays and abandoned pet dogs.

    How can I join VOSD as a volunteer?

    Currently we have only online volunteering opportunities available. Once we start volunteering assignments at the VOSD Sanctuary, we will update the same on our website and social sites. Stay tuned. Also, you can register as a volunteer by filling the volunteer form on the homepage.

    Once we receive your application, we will contact you to set up a volunteer orientation when volunteering opportunities arise and find the best fit for your time and talents. For volunteering/intern opportunities, you can also write to us at

    Is it possible to visit the VOSD sanctuary? 

    We strictly prohibit casual visits to our sanctuary. However, you may be allowed to visit the VOSD Sanctuary and Hospital only if you are a long-term benefactor of VOSD or a registered volunteer.  Besides, you can check out our Facebook page, Twitter and other social media handles for announcements of Open Farm Days, where limited participants and long-term benefactors are allowed to visit the sanctuary from time to time.



    Please Note

    As part of the process, you will be required to sign non-disclosures and indemnity which will be provided once we have arrived at the nature and duration of your assignment.

    VOSD will be in touch with you to find the right opportunity for you. We do not accept just about anyone. We take our dogs seriously, and we look for people with the same level of passion as us.