VoSD CRM 2.1: The world’s 1st CRM for Animal Rescue, now available on subscription to all rescue & rehab agencies across the world

‘The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD)’ has developed the world’s 1st CRM specifically for rescue organizations. Any rescue organization can now avail of this CRM as a subscribed service. The application itself is being provided free of cost but a small charge of INR 5000/$85 will apply annually, to cover variable costs such as SMS and server bandwidth. A key concern area for rescue organisation irrespective of scale, is managing records of the animals in their care. VoSD CRM 2.1 has been in deployment for well over a year, and has been used successfully through the entire rescue process at VoSD.  This web based application allows for the capture of a rescue request, pickup and action taken, maintenance of the animals’ medical history, its progress and eventual release. The key features include the applications’ ability to send out alerts of each action taken at every stage of the ‘rescue-release’ process, via premium
SMS/email to all members on the rescue team and persons who log the service request. APPLICATION USAGE & PROCESS Logging in the rescue request

  • Rescue requests can be logged in via a web form that feeds directly into the CRM, or
  • Through a call operator with a CRM login.
  • All calls are assigned a unique time stamp based ID number to easy tracking.

Rescue request call dispatch

  • At the time of setup, organizations can make a distribution list of relevant people to receive and act on the rescue request.
  • All people on the distribution list get the rescue request information in real time on SMS and email – so they are not tied to a machine or need to have a smartphone
  • They also get real time updates of the progress as the status is updated by any team member.
  • All rescue alerts and updates are available on the user login on mail and on SMS. This is a premium SMS service and SMS’s are sent to DND numbers as well.

Information availability with person(s) logging the rescue request

  • The person(s) logging the rescue request can also follow the case progress, as they receive real time alerts on SMS and email.
  • They can also search for the current status of a said case (via the login information they used) on a web interface.

Maintenance of medical records

  • The vets can enter details of the prognosis, medication, applicable dosage, etc.  directly in the application itself.
  • All information is made available to para-vets/field staff automatically.

Generation of reports

  • ‘End of day’ summary report is generated (9PM local time) and sent via email to all on the administration list. It records rescue calls logged, status etc. for all calls of the day.
  • ‘Daily summary medical report’ can be generated by the para-vets/field staff every morning that allows them to have the medicine administration plan for the day – so this is not person dependent.
  • If a vet so requires, a chronological medical history of individual animals can be generated as a medical report – so this is not person dependent.

Ensuring data accuracy

  • Mandates that EACH successful rescue is updated at least once within 24 hrs and sets an alert if it is not – prevents cases accidently NOT being updated.
  • Does not allow rescue to team to ‘close’ a case, only allows a change in status. Cases are deemed closed if the status indicate pre-set choices, such as, animal was released or died – prevents staff from inaccurately closing cases they ‘missed’ out.

Maintaining case priority

  • Ensures right dispatch by mandating that all web entries be verified on call back.
  • Assigns (4 types) priority to requests being logged in – allows rescue teams to focus on picking up animals that are more critical. Priorities are set as visual flags.
  • Sets visual flags to monitor rescue progress and tracks it through 4 stages.
  • Dynamically sorts priority keeps the critical cases and those yet to be picked up, on top –prevents rescue staff missing important/open cases.


  • Allows the monitoring of up-to 2 rescue attempts for the same animal.
  • Allows tracking as animals move from one location to another, and from one vet/team to another.
  • Maintains prescription in full and the entire medical case history of individual animals.
  • Automatically sets reminders for vaccinations.
  • Allows ‘next’ vet interventions to be added for each animal.
  • Allows vets to take case notes for each case.


  • Instantly brings world class information/ documentation management and case tracking from rescue to release.
  • Assigns full accountability through the entire cycle on each person/team.
  • Full usability of the multiple key features as described above.
  • All upgrades will be FREE to the organisation during the subscription period.
  • The application is being provided absolutely free. Charges are only for variable costs such as SMS and server bandwidth issues.
  • The application runs on dedicated servers.
  • All data is maintained with 3 levels of backup.


  • Initial payment:
    • On set up, INR 5000/US$ 85 + Annual subscription INR 5000/US$ = total INR 10000/US$170.
    • Or a onetime payment of INR 8999/ US$150
    • After the first year, a subscription fee of INR 5000/US$ 85 will apply, subject to not more than 5% increase p a in subsequent years.

Contact us to become a more efficient rescue org. See complete presentation or download PDF here https://goo.gl/CTJXsU

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