The VOSD SANCTUARY™ is the World’s Largest No-Kill Dog Sanctuary with a World-Class Residential Hospital that has helped 8000+ critically injured and abandoned dogs. VOSD has also administered over 250,000 treatments and has 900+ permanent resident dogs that live here for life. Dogs have come to VOSD from over 30+ cities across India. 

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At VOSD we have rescued dogs – blinded with acid, run over and paralysed, sexually assaulted, slashed with knives, tied to train tracks – from across India. These dogs simply have nowhere else to call home. We provide them with a sanctuary of love and care.

It is not easy to do what we do, but you can help us care for our dogs. Monthly expenses to run the Sanctuary are extremely high, and your support helps us provide the best care for our 900+ dogs.

Looking After 900+ Dogs

If you are or ever have been a pet parent, you would understand what goes into looking after 1 dog. Now, multiply that into 900 dogs. Add additional expenses to this, taking into account that each of the 900 dogs here have a history of either injuries; severe abuse; trauma and / or lifetime medical requirements. In a nutshell, this is the scope of what we deal with at VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital, every single day, while we strive to provide the best care for every single dog we have here.

We do this, because we love dogs.
We do this, because these dogs need someone to.

No Walk in the Park

VOSD is the only home our 900+ dogs have and we want to continue to be able to provide sanctuary to ‘un-adoptable’ dogs from all across India.

To give you an idea of what goes into running VOSD Sanctuary and Hospital, we have included below, a breakdown of our monthly expenses.

We require ₹17.5 lakhs per month to continue doing all that what we do for our dogs.

VOSD Monthly Expenses Breakdown

” You can’t change a dog’s past,
but you can rewrite his future. “

Help VOSD continue to change the lives of dogs for the better. 
Help us continue to be a home for the dogs that have nowhere else to go.

Please help us continue to run VOSD Sanctuary and Hospital by making a small donation today. 

Bank Transfer Details:

All donations in INR get an 80G tax exemption.


Account Name: The Voice of Stray Dogs
Bank Name: Corporation Bank
A/c No. (RTGS/NEFT): 520101075883577
Branch Code: 000398
Account Type: Savings
MICR Code: 560017019
SWIFT Code: CORPINBB398: 560485056