Why You Can’t Adopt from VOSD

Adopt, don’t shop, but from elsewhere!

Thank you for wanting to adopt a VOSD dog. However, we regret to inform you that we do not have any dogs for adoption.

Why don’t we let people adopt from VOSD?

When we take in a dog, we take the dog in for life.

VOSD only takes in dogs that could not be adopted by any other agency, including their rescuers or owners. We only entertain a dog surrender request when we know these stakeholders could not adopt the dog.

These adoptions would not have worked for a variety of reasons that may have included the dog’s age and/or medical condition including disability, behavioural aggression, etc.

We will take a dog surrendered with due process since we will give it adequate medical care for the duration of its natural life!

There could be other circumstances the dog would have been entrusted to us for life. For instance, Patriot Dogs (dogs retired from active service at the age of 8 or 10 years) that are surrendered to us by the police, military, and paramilitary are dogs we keep for life since they need constant medical care.

What can you do instead?

We understand that you might have your heart set on adoption.

We are in the process of tying with agencies in Bangalore that wish to adopt dogs to the good people like yourselves who approach us. This information, when available, will reflect here.

Meanwhile, please look through Facebook/Instagram dog adoption groups or pages from your city and/or dog rescue groups. There are many dogs desperately looking for a kind family. Thanks so much for thinking about adopting a furry baby.

You can still help VOSD dogs. Learn more by visiting our website.