With third degree burns, cruelty survivor stray dog comes home to VOSD

In November 2021, a dog lover in Bengaluru spotted a male stray dog with a huge burn wound on the neck – it has been caused by FIREWORKS. The poor pooch had been left untreated until this kind man admitted the dog at a veterinary hospital. It was also found that he suffered from tick fever. A few weeks later, brave boy Muniappa reached the VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital for lifelong care – we accept cruelty survivor dogs like him without a surrender fee.

For a year, we have been treating Muniappa for his injuries, however, it is yet to heal. Since he suffered a third degree burn, multiple layers of his skin and underlying tissue were destroyed thus delaying the recovery process. On the bright side, he has put on weight and his temperament has seen a huge change! Initially he would lunge at other dogs and had severe food aggression, but now he doesn’t mind lounging around with his canine buddies, and eats all his meals in peace. The trauma has still left him weary of people though.

Muniappa, like hundreds of dogs at VOSD, are privy to the best medical treatment that a dog in this country can get. So we’re hopeful that his burn scars will completely heal over time, and he will be able to live in peace and happiness for the rest of his life at our sanctuary.

What might seem like harmless fun to us can alter the life of a stray animal permanently. Our sincere plea to those celebrating Diwali this year is that they be sensitive to any animal on the streets – for us it’s fun and festivities but fireworks can kill or injure them. Let us not be the cause of another Muniappa suffering; let us not hear of such horrors again. May this festival only spread light, happiness, and positivity to all!

To donate for the medical care, treatment, and upkeep of hundreds of cruelty survivor dogs at the VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital, please donate INR 5,000 (~$63) one-time or monthly: https://vosd.in/active-campaigns/monthly-expenses/

Cruelty survivor or abused stray dogs can be surrendered to the VOSD Sanctuary & Hospital. For more information you can write to us at info@vosd.in