How should I check my dog’s temperature?

How to check dog temperature| VOSD Blog
  • The only sure way of taking a dog’s temperature is using a thermometer.
  • To do so you need:
    1. A digital thermometer
    2. Vaseline
    3. Cotton swabs
    4. Surgical spirit
  • Dogs temperatures are checked anally much the same way as infants. 
  • Lubricate the probe of the digital thermometer with Vaseline. Secure the dog in a comfortable sitting or standing position and raise its tail to be clearly able to see the anal opening. Insert the probe gently. Once the metal part of the probe is inserted the temperature screen will reset to the lowest value and start climbing. Once it reaches the stable value it will beep. This should take generally 20-30 seconds. When this happens remove the probe and note down the temperature reading. Then take some spirit on the cotton swab and wipe the probe. And again using another swab to ensure the probe is now aseptic. Then store the thermometer. 
  • Refer also the blog post on “What is normal temperature range for dogs

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