As part of the VOSD dog surrender process, all rescuers have to submit the vaccination details and latest blood test results of the dogs they wish to surrender to VOSD. This is to ensure we don’t bring in any dog with contagious diseases to VOSD and endanger the lives of hundreds of our resident dogs.

INCREASING COST Blood tests and vaccinations are becoming costly and out of reach for most rescuers. Also, rescuers have to arrange the drop-off of the dog at the VOSD Bangalore pick-up location, which is another expense for them since we cannot provide yearly pick-up and drop-off for 300–400 dogs that come to us from different cities in India.


Considering the massive increase in the cost of blood tests and vaccinations across India, the VOSD surrender process will no longer require rescuers to submit vaccination reports or blood tests. VOSD will conduct the blood test and vaccinate the dog as soon as they reach our sanctuary. All dogs coming into VOSD have to stay in our isolation ward for 2 weeks to a month, depending on their case history. In that time, these dogs will go through a complete medical check, get dewormed and vaccinated, and get a blood test to check their overall health and wellness. All dogs coming as rescuer surrenders will still have to submit a case history and reasons why they wish to surrender the dog to VOSD, including the medical care provided to the dog in case of any medical issues. Please note that the blood test and vaccination waiver do not apply to pet dogs being surrendered to VOSD for any reason.


By foregoing the blood test and vaccination in our dog surrender process, we are increasing our monthly medical costs by 1-2 lacs per month. But this burden will be lifted off the shoulders of so many good and kind people who are saving the lives of stray dogs and abandoned pet dogs across India. We want to support such people, as they are the ones snatching the dogs back from the jaws of death and giving them a chance to live a new life at the VOSD Sanctuary. We are grateful for their work, and we will continue doing the best we can to support rescuers across the country.

To support blood tests and vaccinations for new dogs coming into VOSD, please make a small or big donation today! Please write “I support dog rescuers!” in your donation transaction message. To make a donation, please click here:

It’s people like you who are behind the transformation of dogs once they reach the safety of the VOSD Sanctuary. Your kindness really does change lives. You give so many helpless and vulnerable dogs the chance to experience happiness once again. Thank you!