Want to Own the Fastest Dog in the World? Here Are 7 Best Options

Fastest Dog Breeds

Want to own a pet?

When finding a dog to adopt, different people prioritize different factors.

Some want the cutest pup, while others look for the fastest dog in the world. If you’re among the latter group, this is the post for you. Please note these breed dogs are not native to India and may have poor adaptability to our weather conditions. Please DO NOT BUY dogs from illegal breeding centers or puppy mills. You will only contribute to the suffering of the dogs. Please adopt rescued breed dogs if you wish to own any of the below mentioned dog breed – rescued dogs are the best breed!

Here’s a list of the seven fastest dog breeds that make for a good pet:


The Dalmatian is extremely agile, athletic, and very fast. The Dalmatian breed is medium-sized and very intelligent. They are also affectionate and make very good pets. So, they are perfectly suited for companionship, and as they are very driven animals, they are great as work dogs. They have a white coat with black or brown spots. As puppies, they are white and only as they grow older do they develop these spots. However, they shed a lot throughout the year. As owners of a Dalmation, be prepared to brush and groom regularly. Their ears in particular need to be cleaned and their nails clipped. They are energetic dogs and need a lot of exercises. They can gain weight without sufficient exercise and become anxious and restless if you do not provide an outlet for their energy. Dalmatians are known for their willingness to please and can be well trained. They bond easily with the family and remain loyal. 

Border Collie

Border Collies are one of the more popular breeds. They are medium-sized dogs with a double coat. Their tails are shorter than their bodies. They have a long head and a pointed nose and erect ears with just the tips of the ears curling. They are very smart and loyal. Border Collies are very energetic and have a lot of stamina and drive. They handle herding livestock or competing in shows for an entire day tirelessly. Their agility and ability to traverse long distances at great speed make them one of the fastest dog breeds. However, they need to be kept occupied. They need a lot of stimulation and exercise. Channelling their energy properly will be your responsibility as an owner of a Border Collie.


The Vizsla is a medium-sized dog. Originally bred in Hungary for retrieving, this breed is active and energetic. Vizslas are known for their endurance and were highly prized by the Maygar hunting tribes in Hungary. Vizslas are also affectionate and friendly dogs and make an excellent pet for a family. This breed is eager to please and has become popular as a running companion. Be sure that you are able to provide enough stimulation and exercise if you plan to bring a Vizsla home.

Jack Russell Terrier

Initially bred for fox hunting, the Jack Russell Terrier is a small breed. These dogs are admired for their tenacity and bravery. Their small size does not prevent them from being one of the fastest dogs. Jack Russell Terriers are also known for their endurance and stamina. They are energetic and playful. They are driven, and as the owner of this breed, you had better be prepared for their energy and their need for sufficient exercise. 

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky, as the name suggests, is not daunted by harsh winters. Their strength lies in their stamina and their consistent pace regardless of the distance. Siberian Huskies were bred for pulling sleds for hours at a stretch and are energetic and driven. They are also exuberant and enjoy being part of a family. If you are looking for some company on your hikes, Siberian Husky is the dog for you. They are excellent at sports and enjoy outdoor activities. The Siberian Husky has an insulating double coat and tends to shed a lot. They can be vocal in their demands and without the necessary exercise and physical activity, can get bored and stressed. Make sure you have a high fence, and your yard is secure as they are known to escape. They need to be trained to follow your lead or remain leashed. 

Scottish Deerhound

Do not be deceived by their sweet and fuzzy appearance. The Scottish Deerhound is precisely as the name suggests; they were bred for deer hunting. As a family-friendly dog, this breed is a great choice. Scottish Deerhounds are affectionate and friendly and bond well with a family. 

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dogs and also known for its agility and speed. This breed is very intelligent and easy to train as working dogs or service dogs. German Shepherds are in great demand from the Military and Police departments as they are excellent at following instructions. Being extremely loyal and protective, they make excellent pets for families. They are large in size and need space within the homes. Bring a German Shepherd home if you are sure you can provide the necessary space and exercise for your pet. 

Which dog breed to go with?

Once you have decided to bring a dog into your home, you are sure to be considering various factors before choosing a particular breed. While you may have considered getting the ‘fastest’ breed, it shouldn’t be the only factor when planning to adopt a dog. There are plenty of other things you must consider. Here are some tips for adopting the right dog breed that will fit your needs, preferences, and lifestyle:

Space: Consider the area you can provide for your newly adopted dog. Understanding how much space your dog will need is the first step. Large dogs do better in homes with some yard space. Smaller dogs will do fine in apartments. 

Time: How much time do you plan to give your pet? Consider your work and travel schedules, other family commitments before choosing your dog. It will help to be sure of how the responsibilities will be shared among the family members. Puppies need your time and attention and will need to be prioritized.

Energy: Think carefully about your energy levels and then learn about the energy that your dog will need to expend. It would be cruel to bring in a highly energetic dog and keeping him or her indoors and inactive. Keeping an active dog inactive for long periods would have a negative impact on your dog as well as you. 

Vet: Do the required research and find a vet nearby, if possible. Vets are indispensable when you decide to adopt a dog. Your dog will need the vet from the day you adopt and will continue throughout the dog’s life. 

Can’t Own a Dog? You Can Sponsor One

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